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Disappearing text threads when picture is received

Since 2/2014 my Droid Razr Maxx that I bought new in November 2013 started deleting text threads whenever someone sends me a picture or MMS group text.  I use the messaging app that came on the phone, not one from a third party developer.   I have tried force stopping the messaging app and clearing the cache.  Problem still exists.  The green happy face messaging icon still shows "1" new messaage, and the message still scrolls in the top notification bar.  But if I open the app from the green icon, every single text from the sender is gone.  I have to then send them a new text (assuming I happen to see who the sender was before the scrolling passes) and wait for that to go through for the thread to reappear.  Anyone else having issues with this?

For example:

**Current text threads are from:






**Jenny sends me a picture**

green icon says [1] new message

notification bar at the top of my phone scrolls saying "Jenny: (picture)"

I go to the app from my home screen (green icon) and the text threads now read:





(aka... everything from Jenny is gone)

Because I happened to see her name in the notification bar I open a new text message, chose her from my contacts, send her a blank text, and all of a sudden all of her texts, including the picture she just sent show up again.

Note:  This happens across manufactures and service providers. 

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Re: Disappearing text threads when picture is received
Customer Support

Hello MichelleLynne!

I read through your post and I'm sorry for any inconvenience with your device deleting a messaging thread from a certain party. I've reviewed this and I'm not showing that this is a known issue with the RAZR MAXX. I'd still like to take a closer look into this for you. I've followed you in the forums. Please accept me, and follow me back. Once that is done, please send a Direct Message and we can work on a resolution.

In the meantime, please power off the device, and remove the SIM card for 1-2 minutes. Then, reinsert, power on, and test it again. Thank you!

VZW Support
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Re: Disappearing text threads when picture is received

I'm having the exact same problem.  Any fix for this?