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Droid MAXX (not razr) issues

Hi -

I have three Droid Maxx phones, and while I don't know if the issues are on all three phones, they are definitely on mine. 

  1. Phone randomly reboots a few times a day
  2. Wifi won't connect
  3. If wifi is on, phone will stay in 3G - if I turn off wifi, it goes to 4G

The phone randomly rebooting is pretty annoying, but at least it only takes a few minutes.  However, it has happened while I'm in the middle of doing something, which is very frustrating.  The wifi issues are the worst, though, as I REALLY don't want to use up all of my data plan when I have wifi available.  I have rebooted my phone and my modem, deleted and rebuilt my home connection, etc., but it usually just says "Saved" instead of "Connected." Eventually, it might connect - or not - but there's no way to know when or how it will actually connect.  And then once it's connected, my 4G connection will disappear and be replaced with 3G (or 1X if I'm at work).  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and kind regards,


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Re: Droid MAXX (not razr) issues

Actually, I just found out my husband's Droid MAXX reboots randomly as well...please help!

Re: Droid MAXX (not razr) issues
Customer Support

I regret any issues with your Droid Maxx devices, KMS2007. I'm certain that I would be looking for help stopping reboots like you've described here, as well as ensuring stable connections. I can see that (of the 3 devices you have) two are showing signs of issues. Since this is not a known behavior of the Maxx model, I recommend we try to find the common factors between yours and your husband's devices. 

Have you two discussed any recent changes to your devices that might connect them (such as new apps,same locations when this occurs, same time of day, etc)? If you have found any common factors and/or patterns, can you share them here?

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