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Droid Maxx 2 sabotage?

Are the Droid Maxx 2 phones sabotaged?  My phone lost signal strength every time I connected a phone call.  While it dial the numbers, I will have 4-5 bars, but as soon as I hit the green connect button, it drops to one bar and remains there while connected.  I was dropping calls.  I went to two different Verizon stores, and they observed the same issue within their stores.  They suggested I needed a new phone. 

As it happened, I had access to a second Droid Maxx 2, and had the Verizon store change the SIM card and activate the new phone.  But, I'm having the SAME ISSUE WITH THE NEW PHONE.  Something's not right.

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Re: Droid Maxx 2 sabotage?
Customer Support

It's important you have a good working phone to keep you connected at all times, jditsch. Let's take a closer look into what's going on. Has there been any damage to the phone? Where are you located when you have trouble with calls? Do you have any trouble with text or data? Does anyone else in the area experience issues with calls?


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Re: Droid Maxx 2 sabotage?

Thank you.

I am convinced that Motorola is sabotaging their phones. I have really liked my Droid Maxx 2 and have had one since late 2016.

About a year ago, I noticed the battery life was a lot less. It was like the gas tank on my car was suddenly a lot smaller. Back in February, I went out on the web and found another Droid Maxx 2.

Well, yesterday, I noticed that my Droid Maxx 2 suddenly ran out of power. Now I plug it in, and the thing won't charge. It was plugged in all night and still would not charge.

So, I took out the SIM card and put it into the other Droid Maxx 2. Guess what? The behavior is the same. The phone will not charge. This phone would charge just a few weeks ago.

So, suddenly, I go from having two usable phones to zero usable phones.

I have called Motorola once about my Droid Maxx 2 issues. They advised me to go to Best Buy or Target to get help. You have got to be kidding me.


Re: Droid Maxx 2 sabotage?
Customer Support

Having a properly working phone is of the utmost importance, algernonsidney. We welcome the opportunity to assist with your Droid Maxx 2 charging issue. We just need a few additional details. Are you using the Motorola charger that came with your Maxx 2 device? Do you have a 15w, 25w or 30w charger? I ask because I had a Turbo 2 device that came with a 25w charger but after a software update it was recalibrated and would no longer charge with that charger but it did work with my prior Maxx 2 15w charger. Had your device ran any diagnostic reports via our My Verizon app or similar that had checked the health of your battery?