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Droid Maxx Developer Edition

I received a Droid Maxx Developer Edition (MOTXT1080MDEV)
directly from Motorola to replace my Droid MAXX HD, which had many features
rendered useless by the KitKat upgrade.  It is labeled as a Verizon unit
and came with a Verizon SIM card.  After 4 hours on the phone with Verizon
tech support last Wednesday, 1 hour in a Verizon store on Friday and another hour

on the phone with Verizon tech support yesterday, my phone still is not
activated.  The store personnel stated that they believe that the
Developer Edition was not intended to be used by a "regular" customer
and that it is not compatible with the network.  That seems odd given that
it is a Verizon unit and was sent to me by Motorola after a full explanation of
why I needed it.  Furthermore, there appear to be a substantial number of
posts from people who use the phone successfully on the Verizon network.
The store personnel also tried a number of other new SIM cards in the store,
each of which indicated an incompatibility when scanned.

The Verizon tech support representative yesterday thought that the

problem could be that Verizon's system was identifying the phone as a Droid Ultra

rather then a Droid Maxx.  He requested a change of status on Verizon's records, and

I am still waiting for notification that this has been done.  Hopefully, that solves the problem,

but for obvious reasons, I am not confident.


I didn't really care about receiving the Developer Edition,
but that was the only Maxx model that Motorola still had in stock.  The
Verizon store thought that they could exchange it for a regular model, but that
would force me to give up my unlimited data plan, which I don't want to do.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  I really need a
fully-functional phone.  Thank you.

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Re: Droid Maxx Developer Edition

If it was the Verizon Wireless developer model it should have been compatible. You should have been able to move the sim card from the old phone to this one.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Droid Maxx Developer Edition

Well I'm not on the edge program. Received my phone today and guess what? It won't activate!!  Spent hours with tech support. All the numbers are accurate MEID ect. But they can't get it to activate. Need to take it to a Verizon store, an hour away. Find this out a minute before store closes. To top it off my old phone will now, not dial out. I need my phone for work in the morning. What can I do about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!  My IPhone 4s was damaged a few weeks ago. I called to use insurance I purchased on it. Apparently when I purchased that phone and the Verizon rep talked me into the insurance, it didn't transfer with the new phone, to the line I planned on using the phone on. Rep new I was transferring phone, he did transfer for me. So I discussed this with a rep who offered to get me a phone in house for the 100. I'd have to pay if I had insurance. Said it would be shipped next day. Never shipped. To make this story shorter over a week I talked to 5 people from Verizon. All but one offered me this deal. Called and asked for a supervisor who went as far as to say she was putting order through, took my credit card number for 100. Had me hold while she processed order, and said I'd get phone in 2 days. Guess what??? Order never placed, never got a new IPhone. Every person I spoke with could verify all of the above in notes. So I upgraded my line. Here I am, after hours and hours on phone, on hold, and speaking with Verizon. I have 8 lines and pay an embarrassing amount of money to Verizon. And I get lied to by each and every rep. WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT ??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!   Do they care???? Seriously???  Phone service is great and I'm a traveling nurse, but I really have no choice but to find another carrier. Has anyone heard of carrier that will pay cancellation fees?  The worst part of all of this is I can call Verizon, get put on hold forever but I will get nowhere , nothing I can do about it. And to have 5 reps not only lie through their teeth to me but proceed to read notes on my account and tActive"I don't know whythat last representActive  a very told you that because it's not true". anyway sorry for the long post. Frustrated to tears

Re: Droid Maxx Developer Edition
Customer Support


I'm so sad to hear about the poor experience you've been through getting a phone that will work for you! I definitely want to make sure you are taken care of and back up and running at 100%. We want you to stay with the best network in wireless! Let's work together on turning this around and showing you how much we do care.

Which phone did you end up upgrading to? Were you able to get the device activated? If not, which zip code are you in?

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Re: Droid Maxx Developer Edition

Droid maxxx I've updated to

49455 zip code

I have to take day off work to go to Verizon store an hour away. Yesterday I spent hours on phone.  You would think, they would at least knock something off my 600./month phone bill. More than likely someone would just tell me they will and would never happen. Sorry for attitude but this is getting ridiculous.  I'd really like to know why so many Verizon reps would flat out lie to me about sending me I phone for 100. And a supervisor putting me on hold to process my order, take my credit card # and tell me order has been processed, when it hasn't?

Re: Droid Maxx Developer Edition
Customer Support

Hello rsmutton
I'm so sorry this happened. Let's look into this together! Please accept my follow request and send me a private message. I can review the account.