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Droid RAZR Jelly Bean Update-Part 2

For those who did not follow the previous discussion, I had the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update forced OTA to my phone at the end of March. It caused numerous problems such as:

1. I have battery life that cannot last more than 20-30 minutes on a phone call

2. Severe lag on my software such as browser, home screen scrolling, opening any apps, etc.

3. Phone randomly makes phones calls (screen off, phone sitting on a table charging for hours then suddenly a muffled "Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?").

4. Random text problems: Phone says cannot send texts but does anyways, phone sends text to wrong person, group texting is all kinds of wrong).

5. Same WiFi issues as reported by other users above.

6. Speaker Phone starts out fine but then suddenly becomes low volume. Only ending the call and redialing fixes this; until it does it again on the new call.

7. The keyboard does the spacing issues, the auto-correct is so bad that a word like "problems" comes out as "price blems"

8. Bluetooth does not connect any longer to my ear piece or car.

I spoke to VZW about this yesterday and they sent me a CLN Droid RAZR to replace my malfunctioning device. I pulled the device from the box and activated it and let it update its stock apps (I did not install any 3rd Party or Play Store Apps). After using the device for awhile (6 hours) I had all of the same issues I had on the original device. I could not connect via Bluetooth, WiFi only would connect to one Access Point out of 6 I tried (all less than a year old, different models, at Home, Work, Clients, etc), battery died after 1.5 hours despite having a full charge and only being used for some phone calls and light web use, and so on.

I called back to VZW Customer Care and explained to them I was in a bind as I was leaving to travel for work tomorrow and would be gone 2-3 weeks and could not be without a working phone. I was told immediately they understand and a brand new (not CLN) Droid RAZR HD was on its way overnight.

I must say, I have not always had great experiences with VZW Customer Care, but the ability to call and have an upgraded device on its way to my house in under 5 minutes (with 2 of those being on hold, and one transfer to Tier 2) was very good customer service. I would have been in a bind if I had to travel without a working the point that I was ready to just jump ship and hop on another carrier to be sure I had working service/phone. I was expecting to receive the transfer shuffle, be offered contract extension, offered lesser devices, etc (based on past experiences). I did not expect an upgraded phone that is not even a CLN, but an actual new phone after just a few minutes.

So thank you VZW. You did really help me out.

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