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Droid RAZR Replacement, Water damage?

Verizon Support,

I recently the replacement RAZR to solve my issue with the headphone jack and speakerphone issues I was having. These have been long standing problems that I have finally gotten around to resolving (being spurred by my wife having problems with her phone) after finding I had a 1yr warranty. In the fine print I see that I may be charged $500+ if the phone is found to have had water damage, abuse, etc., but only being checked for AFTER I have mailed back my old device. The reason I am worried is that phones have water damage indicators that can be set off by a number of things, including sweaty workout sessions or a heavy rain and soaked jeans. The problems with the jack/speakerphone were not a result of submersion but seem to be just a hardware failure.

So what I am I asking? I was able to find the 2 water damage indicators on the RAZR with one showing about 60% red at the bottom on the device and the other on the side of the device being 100% clear (no water). Does this sound like regular wear/tear/moisture for an 8 month phone and Verizon will respect the warranty claim? There is no corrosion on the device, no cracked screen and the device works perfectly (minus the speakerphone/headphone jack). Is Verizon going to look for (2) 100% white water damage indicators, no "ifs/ands/or buts"? I have taken the phone into my local Verizon store and a note was put on my file indicating no foul play, however, the associate said that warehousing has the final word on the matter and that her note on the file will not hold up.

Please advise me on the process of warranties and what you think might happen. I will go ahead and return the NEW phone if there is any doubt Verizon might say the problems were due to water damage. Please be respectful and honest and keep an open mind about this problem. Thank you.


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Re: Droid RAZR Replacement, Water damage?

Verizon Support? Where? This is the Verizon Wireless Community Forum which is a peer to peer customer forum.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Droid RAZR Replacement, Water damage?

I ran a marathon in 2011 in honor of my father who passed, ( he was a marine) but my lg vortex was damaged due to sweat. I contacted the makers of my water proof running band and they paid my insurance deductible for me.  They sent me a check and i paid assurian.  If a store tells you that it is ok to be sent in for a warranty claim then it is ok.  Sometimes sweat builds up under the battery case while i run with my galaxy s3 now, but i just wipe it clean.