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Droid Razor M malfunctions

I have had it with Verizon's "customer service". I mean they're nice and all but every 4-6 months I'm having to call about an issue with my phone. Then I'm told I'm eligible for an upgrade and for more money I can get a different phone, blah blah blah. I think it's a money making racket and I'm tired of being milked for money for something that is NOT my fault. The phone keeps screwing up but I have to pay for a replacement! What's up with that? I'm checking other providers. Been with Verizon since 1999 but am unhappy of late with it all. Anyone else searching?

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Re: Droid Razor M malfunctions
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We don't mind you venting, but we will just ignore and move on. 


You can tell us what is wrong with the phone and hope another forum member has had some experience and knows the fix.

Now and then a Verizon Customer Service rep will drop in and pull all the stops to get you back working.

(All this assumes you have not abused your phone by dropping it, getting it wet, hacking/rooting, downloading software from non approved sources.   Any of this and you are on your own, not Verizon's fault)

Re: Droid Razor M malfunctions

Thanks for the kind reply.

I have not abused my phone and out of fear I do not download anything other than my grandkids' pictures from my children's texts. I have not dropped it, gotten it wet or downloaded any software that I do not understand the allowances of, which pretty much includes 98% of them.

The latest issue is that out of the blue it quit allowing devices to use the hotspot. Oddly, however, it only allows my Mac to use the hotspot. All other devices have been "locked out" or something. Whatever has happened, they are not discoverable. When I try to access the internet via the hotspot the device says that the Razr is out of range, even though I am  holding my phone in one had, the device(s) is the other. I have soft rebooted the phone, as well as turned it off and then back on. I have turned the WiFi off of the devices and turned them back on. They are able to find my son's hotspot but not mine. I was using it one morning and signed off to do a couple of things. Went back less than an hour later and was unable to use the hotspot again. When I called Verizon, the very nice gentleman talked me into doing a factory reset, which makes me shudder because I usually end up loosing stuff. That didn't help. I cleared all of the internal device storage that I could. The nice man tried to talk me into an upgrade, even though I had to use my son's upgrade less than 6 months ago to replace the last phone I got from Verizon that quit working. I had 5 replacements on that one. This is my 6th (possibly 7th; I've lost count) phone in less than a year. I got this one in July and they are already trying to tell me to get a replacement -- at my cost. Again.  I will loose my unlimited data plan which, when you live in the country, don't want to do. There is NO OTHER way to access the Internet except through our hotspots. Besides the fact that I can't afford to buy yet another phone, again, within the same year. I just want my hotspot to work and I don't want to have to "upgrade" when all I need is a phone that works (and seeing as I got this one in July, I don't know why I would have to but a replacement for a phone that doesn't work). But that's the only solution that I am given at this point since nothing else seemed to work. I don't think that you understand that, seeing as I've had 6 or 7 replacements over the last 11 months why I'm so frustrated. All of the hours-long conversations I've had with each replacement suggest the same thing -- factory reset and eventual "upgrade" (at my expense). And after reading other comments it appears that I'm not the only one rowing this boat.

Re: Droid Razor M malfunctions
Customer Support

Hello DanielsFarm
I'm so sorry your having issues with your RAZR M. I appreciate all the troubleshooting you've done. I want you to have a great working device.

Let's try this: settings>apps>all>mobile host spot>disable>enable and retest. Does the device work outside? Have you tried changing the security setting?

I look forward to working with you on this issue.

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