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Droid Razr HD Maxx Wi-fi hotspot security settings?

When using the Wi-fi hotspot, it looks like the only options for the Security on the Wi-fi side are open and PSK-2.  I can not make PSK-2 work with any of my computers using WindowsXP.  I know XP is getting pretty old but it is still in pretty wide use.  I really would like to use my Acer netbook while without having to run the hotspot in the ope mode.  My Droid X would let you run the Hotspot in WPA1 which worked great.

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Re: Droid Razr HD Maxx Wi-fi hotspot security settings?
Customer Support

Hi billse. I love the convenience of using my phone as a hotspot too. What seems to happen when you try to connect your hotspot to your Windows XP computers using the PSK-2 setting? By design, the Razr Maxx only has the two options you mentioned using the native Mobile Hotspot application. If your computer is not compatible with PSK-2 and you find yourself needing to run in the open mode, tap Manage Devices in your Mobile Hotspot Settings and change the device limit to as little as 2 devices to be able to connect. You can also manage allowed devices by entering the MAC address from your computer (see your computer manufacturer for assistance with locating this on your PC). This will allow you to limit the devices that can connect to your open hotspot to the ones you truly want to connect.

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Re: Droid Razr HD Maxx Wi-fi hotspot security settings?


When trying to connect to the Hotspot with My Acer Netboot It tries to connect it, asks for the password but the connecton fails after 10 seconds or so. Doing some research, it appears that not all wireless chipsets support WPA2 or PSK-2 encryption fully.

I checked Acer's web site and that computer has the latest wireless drivers and it has Windows XP with all the service packs and latest updates. It spends enough time on the home network (set to WPA-1) that it gets the regulator Windows updates.

The wireless chip manufacter claims the chipset supports WPA-2 which is supposed to be the same as PSK-2 but you never know for sure if is what they tell you.

My Apple I-pad will connecto to the Hotspot using PSK-2 so I know the Hotspot works with the encryption turned on. It would have nice if they had given the user other options for encryption. If I remember right my Droid X allowed more choices for encryption type.

I asked couple of few people I know that have new Verzion phones the use the Hotspot if they have any issues they have not gotten back to me yet.

Thanks for you help. I will probably end up using MAC address restriction but that is a lot more work if you want to use several devices.