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Droid Razr M touchscreen unresponsive

Craziest thing - I powered down my Droid Razr M and after rebooting, the touch screen is absolutely unresponsive. It's not frozen - the animation is still running, it's on the lock screen and the circles come out of the little key icon - but it doesn't respond at all to my touch. Absolutely nothing I can think of that would have caused this. This is actually a replacement phone I got less than a month ago, after my last one was dropped too many times. I took extra precautions this time, and it's been in an Otter Box since the day I got it.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?

It's going to be VERY interesting when my alarm goes off in the morning - can't turn it off, hit snooze, can't even turn the phone off, all I can do is a reset with the power/volume down keys - hopefully that works in the AM, I'd rather be able to simply leave the phone off. Seems silly that Motorola didn't provide that option, or any practical option for this situation. My phone looks perfect, yet I can't use it at all. I don't even think I could answer the phone if a call came in - that's it, I'm going to dig up my old flip phone!

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Re: Droid Razr M touchscreen unresponsive
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Has the situation resolved, robin77? 

Try a soft reset - hold down the power and volume down button for 15 seconds or so (it feels like a long time!) till it restarts.  Does that clear it out?  My Windows Lumia phone does this, and resetting does work.

Re: Droid Razr M touchscreen unresponsive

Hi SuzyQ,

It did resolve itself, not sure what happened.

I tried the soft reset multiple times (i learned that a few months ago when

the screen would freeze) and it didn't clear it out. It wasn't like when my

screen has been frozen in the past - the screen was still running (there is

a screen saver type animation that runs when it is locked and it was

moving), simply wasn't responsive to my touch.

I finally left it alone and went to bed and when I woke up later that

night, maybe 4 hours later, it was fine. So really not sure what was wrong

or what happened, but I am certainly glad it seems to have resolved itself!

Haven't had an issue since.

Thanks for responding! Smiley Happy