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Droid Razr Maxx HD: Voice Does Not Work

Had a Droid Razr Maxx for approximately a year.  Stopped working Monday during application uninstall (Fitbit; unrelated to current issue?); got replacement on extended warranty.  Received refurbished phone on Tuesday.  Applied Verizon brand screen cover and case.  did not actually use voice/phone call capability until Thursday afternoon.  Voice did not register. 

Removed case and screen protector; attempted to have voice register by speaking "test test test test" et cetera into phone.  worked briefly.

Put in pocket, went about day; took out of pocket, attempted to wipe fingerprints off unprotected screen.  Attempted phone call: voice did not register on either normal or speakerphone modes.

Tried Voice Search.  Did not work.

Tried updating all apps.  Did not work.

Tried full reset of phone, now complete.  Did not work.

Do I need to try it with a bluetooth to see if that works?  Is this something I can accomplish in the store?  Was told Monday hardware issues cannot be troubleshoot in stores; replacement only option?

Do not want another refurbished phone if it's not going to work for basic functionality.  Realize I should've tried a phone call much earlier in the week. Want a functional phone. 

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Re: Droid Razr Maxx HD: Voice Does Not Work
Sr. Member

Sounds like hardware trouble. If you don't want another replacement phone thought of getting one 3rd party . Eligible for ug?

Re: Droid Razr Maxx HD: Voice Does Not Work

Not eligible for an upgrade for another year. 

Really not wanting to have to pay for a phone when I've been paying for the extended warranty and received a presumably faulty phone. 

Re: Droid Razr Maxx HD: Voice Does Not Work
Sr. Leader

Give these suggestions a Try:. before deeming the Unit defective Try if you have not run a Power Cycle, or run a system Cache Clear you may need to run this procedure 2 and if your issue on the phone persist then run a Factory Reset.. here is how to do each following:  Follow the Links below..

Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Clear Cache Partition on my device

How do I reset my DROID RAZR?

Hope this Helps.  b33

Re: Droid Razr Maxx HD: Voice Does Not Work

I agree with you! I shouldn't have to pay for a new phone after buying a phone that should work! Mine is less than a month old and I've had to replace it twice with no drops or any damages to the phone!

I think these are just bad devices and I feel Verizon is getting over by charging for devices when I too pay for warranty I can't use!