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Droid Turbo 2 Battery

I have had my phone for a week now and there is no 48 hour battery here. Example, charged overnight while OFF. Turned on fully charged and battery reads 98%. Sent one text, one email, and battery reads 85%. I think this phone battery is defective. I asked my local salesperson at the Verizon store and he said you have to think of this battery as a rubber band. The more you use it the bigger it gets.  Well that doesn't make sense to me, is he saying I have to be plugged in and charging all the time or random times throughout the day?  That is not an option which is why I chose this phone in the first place. Can anyone tell me that my experience matches theirs?  Turn on phone, send one text, one email and battery drains to 85%?  I think my phone is factory defective. I am lucky to get through from 8am to 5pm before this is totally drained and I have been cutting back on the major workload I was giving my Droid Maxx.  That battery gave me full workload and lasted until almost midnight every day. Isn't this Droid Turbo 2 supposed to be a bigger battery? 

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Re: Droid Turbo 2 Battery

I have the same problem. And I don't watch videos or movies. Just email and basic surfing. I had a full charge- 100℅, and it went to 98℅ just by turning it on and looking at emails! I have had mine for over a month and it hasn't expanded!!

Re: Droid Turbo 2 Battery

I'm curious if you ever figured out what was wrong?  I'm having the same issue, but Verizon store clerks gave me another charger to try to get me to go away (which I knew wasn't the problem since my car charger does the same) .  Each time I plug it in, it reads... '7 hours until fully charged'. ,,ZZZ,,, ONLY!!!!!!!