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Droid Turbo 5.1.1 Update Has Ruined My Phone

Before the update my phone was I have a phone with so many issues.

The Following Issues

1) Phone freezes from 1 to 5 times a day

2) Can't make calls,says I have 4G and when it dials out changes to 1X and calls don't go through. Have to restart phone so it will work.

3) Before update my phone always paired with my Kia Soul. In order to use bluetooth i have to turn phone off/on in order to use bluetooth.

4) My games lag like crazy when I play them

5) Battery life was amazing before update,since update my phone needs to be charged up twice daily.

6) When in car phone starts talking saying I have a text,no new texts have come in.

7) Phone gets hot while talking on it,never got hot before update.

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Re: Droid Turbo 5.1.1 Update Has Ruined My Phone

Have you tried completely removing the previous pairing settings from both the phone and the car and starting over the the Bluetooth pairing? Sometimes you need to remove the old in order for the new software to communicate properly.

Are you using a similar or same application when the freezing occurs? Perhaps that application or applications are not fully designed to work on Lollipop. If this is the case, then those developers need to update their apps.

Have you tried a system cache clear for the phone after the update? The instructions have been previously posted in other similar discussions on this topic.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Droid Turbo 5.1.1 Update Has Ruined My Phone

I'll try the unpairing and pairing back and see what happens.

When my phone freezes it is not being used. normally sitting on a table or next to me. Go to do something on phone and just a black screen.

I'll see if I can find those instructions.

Thanks for your help.