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Earpieace / Sound Issues with Droid Razr M

Having issues with my phone, bought new in September 2012, since yesterday morning. 

When I make a call using the earpiece, I cannot hear it ringing (like dialing out to them) and after they answer, I cannot hear the person on the other end when they speak.  If I put it on speakerphone, they can hear me just fine and I can hear them.  Also on speakerphone, I can hear it ringing (dialing out).  When receiving a call, my ringtone audibly works, but then the same situation applies once I answer it - I cannot hear they, but they can hear me.  Again, if I put it on speakerphone, both parties can hear each other.  My alarm / ringtone works just fine, as well as all my other ringtone / notifications - such as text, etc.  But, if I try to play a YouTube video, play music through Pandora, or play another audio / video file with sound, it does not produce any sound, even through headphones attached to the jack.  It also plays sound when starting up - the "Droid". 

Seems like a phone issue considering it is working for some things, but not for others.  I have gone through and checked all settings, tried it in safe mode, did reboots, etc, but all to no avail.  Anyone have any other troubleshooting suggestions, or are having the same problem?  It seems I have going to have to have it replaced - hoping this would be a manufacturers defect replacement though and not something that I should have to use my insurance on!


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Re: Earpieace / Sound Issues with Droid Razr M
Customer Support

Hello Shelly41877
I'm very sorry to hear your having volume issues with your device. Thank you for taking the time and providing us with all the steps you already done. Let's work together and get this addressed.
Has the device been exposed to any liquid or physical damage? Is the device in a case? If so, please remove it and retest. If the issue persists please back up the device and perform a hard reset. Here's how: reset razr m&x1=p1&q1=support

Please let me know if the issue persists. I look forward to getting this fixed.

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