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Google/Verizon updates taint owner's preferences?

I was having a problem with email sync a few weeks ago (four-six.  I have read that the actual update was in June, so it was just late).  I went through the normal routine, up to and including deleting and reinstalling gmail (what a pain).  So as is typical with a new update waiting, it had been causing the software to hang.  However, since the update, none of my emails (4 accounts) auto-sync (although that feature is turned on).  Also, since the update GoogleMaps has become my go to navigation app (even though they issue a disclaimer stating that it's still in beta for navigation). 

I don't understand why Google deleted Nav and Places, and why Verizon okayed this.  Maps is slow and often doesn't work AT ALL without wifi or hotspot turned on, which kindof defeats the purpose.  Secondly, it is KILLING my battery life.   PLEASE don't tell me I could subscribe to Verizon Navigator's service to replace what could have been one of the greatest apps ever (especially paired with PLACES).

I continue to be dismayed by the up and down service of Verizon when it comes to the operating system and updates.  One would think that at some point this issue needs to be better regulated to serve the consumer.  This is not just a fun little toy I have, but a very expensive tool and I am quite put out with how Verizon and Google continue to treat the consumer with limited regard to the impact of their (sometimes significant) updates and lack of options to the consumer on whether or not to accept these changes on devices owned and wholly used by the consumer.

I guess I should write my congressman.

In the meantime, if anyone can help me get my RAZR back to normal speed with email sync and help me understand how to make Google Maps work without going to wifi and/or why it drains the battery so fast, that would be great.

Thanks for reading my rant

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Re: Google/Verizon updates taint owner's preferences?
Sr. Member

There are 12 different operating systems on Verizon right now.. call the manufacture if you have a problem, not your service provider

Re: Google/Verizon updates taint owner's preferences?

You should be complaining to the developer of the application if you have an issue with it. For example, the Maps changes are Google's decision.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.