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I hate this phone!

l have been a wireless user since before cellular was a product.  I worked for Motorola in the original days and later US West New Vector.  Motorola has always been my preferred product.  No more. 

I am on my 3rd Android product and about the only good thing I can say is that the battery life on the RAZR MAXX is good. The darn thing locks up on me, needs to be rebooted at least every day, won't stay synced to my bluetooth device, the screen is many times unusable      AND the phone has many problems with poor wireless reception.  Compare this to my wife's iPhone 4S and her service and operation are 10x better.

I hate this phone!  It cost me money as it is principally my business phone.

Marty in Seattle

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Re: I hate this phone!
Sr. Member

Have you tried doing a Cache Clear or Cache Wipe? NOT a Factory Data Reset. The Cache wipe will clean out all of the left over bits of code and make the phone run more reliably and faster.

Re: I hate this phone!
Sr. Leader

Jake has a very good suggestion and what I do on my Razr Maxx once or twice a month, Are you currently running the latest Jelly Bean OS, on my phone I did a clearing of the Cache partition and on mine I followed that with a  Factory Wipe after I installed Jelly Bean.. But phone performance can rely on what is on it, some apps may work well with while some may not.. you may want to run in safe mode see if the performance gets better.. But what Jakeman1 suggested I would try first.Smiley Happy b33