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I'm FURIOUS with Verizon and this is my LAST straw before I goto another company!

I am writing this in hopes that I can resolve an ONGOING issue that I have addressed many times in the past with different levels of Verizon Wireless "customer service".  I have 1 phone call recorded(same way I am being recorded when I call in for training purposes, I do the same for ALL my phone calls) of an employee who shouldn't work at any company in customer relations let alone a GIANT like Verizon Wireless, who actually hung up the phone on me and disconnected me right about the time they were closing up because she was obviously sick of hearing my complaining.  So one Verizon associate hangs up on me and I have the transcript of ANOTHER "customer care agent" named Gina-Lynne who basically told me "oh well this is what it is and yes if you don't like it and want to go elsewhere let me give you the 800 number and their hours so they can cancel everything for you and by the way you have a 350.00 ETF but don't worry it will go down 10 bucks per month so its probably about 300 by this time". 

   That representative was my last and final straw before I leave Verizon as a whole.  My ENTIRE family is on Verizon Wireless with all new IPhones and my associates in my retail stores here on Long Island in New York, all have the new Galaxy Note and are thrilled with it and I'm getting replacement after replacement after replacement of the same GARBAGE, paper weight phones that have the same issues over and over repetitively.  I have gone through about 5-8 different replacement Blackberry Bold Touch phones before I gave up and the nice woman in customer care helped set me up with this "incredibly high speed and amazing battery life that lasts forever etc etc" with the Droid Razr Maxx HD.  I have already been through countless number of replacements of the Droid now as well and ALL I WANT IS A PHONE THAT WORKS AND HOLDS A CHARGE!   I haven't said BOO about the service issues I have been having or misled information I was given numerous times, I am a LOYAL CUSTOMER to Verizon Wireless and just want some customer service in getting me a new phone that works and not this Re-Furbished phone that I keep getting that is horrible!  I don't just use my phone for pleasure, I use it for business as well and i should NEVER be stopped from doing something at work or in my social life because my phone is constantly having issues of lagging and freezing and not browsing at all etc etc etc. 

   I NEED a supervisor or someone within the Corporate Verizon Wireless structure to call me as soon as possible hopefully this afternoon to resolve this issue.  Many companies are dying for business and want their customers happy and are now even willing to pay other companies Early Term Fees to get them on board with them.  Verizon used to be great with everything but I see them slipping MAJORLY in all aspects including phone service, 4g or lack of, and MAJORLY in customer service and knowledge regarding their own company who signs their paychecks. 

     I would like to get a different phone either a NEW high flying, high speed, long lasting battery phone if they make a NEW and improved Droid or something along those lines????  Maybe even at this point one of the iPhones which I have always hated and been against but now I see they are blowing everything away besides the NOTE but I don't like the size of the Note.  If someone could call me back so hopefully we can resolve this and I can stay a loyal customer and my family can stay loyal customers and my staff as well.  I DO NOT want to change carriers but it comes a time when you have to draw a line after being abused by the company you pay hundreds of dollars to per month and ON TOP OF EVERYTHING  they took away my employee discount because they were sending my mail to the wrong address and now I lost my 20% off and have been paying MOREEEEE for a non working phone!  This is absurd and I am hoping someone calls me today to resolve this and I can have a working phone by the time I leave work tomorrow because there is a Verizon Wireless store next to my job! 

   Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and look forward to speaking to someone as soon as possible! 

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Re: I'm FURIOUS with Verizon and this is my LAST straw before I goto another company!

No one will be able to call you since this is a customer to customer forum. And since this is a public forum, you may want to think about not putting your personal info.

Re: I'm FURIOUS with Verizon and this is my LAST straw before I goto another company!

Also, what time did you chat?

Re: I'm FURIOUS with Verizon and this is my LAST straw before I goto another company!

I have the same question what time did you chat ? Just because you were speaking with someone that is representing Verizon does not mean you were speaking to a "Customer Service" agent. Customer service is only open during specific hours. After those hours the only people online is the Online Sales Department. It is very possible you were chatting with the sales department.