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Massive data consumption on DROID Turbo 2

I traded in my LG G4 at the end of July/beginning of August and purchased the DROID Turbo 2. At this time, I also brought my fiance over to my account from his parents and we upped out data plan to 8GB a month. I had previously had a 3GB plan (now no longer available) and he barely used 2GB of his parent's 10GB plan, so we figured we would be safe. Since there was only two days left on my original plan, we had carryover data applied to this month and thought we would be more than golden. Spoiler alert, we were not.

With my LG G4, I noticed that some months I would use much more data than others while using my phone the same amount off of WiFi each month. I thought it was an issue with the phone because I had a slew of issues, and I had hoped that it would be corrected with a new device. We are now fourteen days away from our new cycle and I am having the same problems, only now my phone doesn't load anything while connected to WiFi at my house or my fiance's (we both have Comcast) and seemingly uses data while still "connected" to the network; it only seems to load at work (AT&T) or places that have free WiFi (their service varying). I have to turn WiFi off and rely solely on my data which, as you can imagine, has caused some problems with our plan.

We are at roughly 6GB of our original 8GB plan and the weight of that falls on me. I have removed apps that were sucking the majority our data (Facebook and Tumblr), but I can use my phone for internet browsing for two minutes and watch the usage jump anywhere from .1 to .5 GB. Because my phone will not actually use the WiFi at our homes, I have to quickly check my phone on my data in the morning for emails and other things I might have missed and then shut it off until I can find a more reliable WiFi connection. Mind you, my phone is the only phone that has this issue in my house and his house; his phone works fine and our parents' phones (all Verizon) work fine. My laptop and other devices connect fine as well.

I am at my wits end with Verizon's phones and services but, unfortunately, I am stuck with them until I can pay off yet another phone. I have already restricted background data and exhausted the internet for options as to what to do to stop this from happening, but thus far nothing has worked. I would appreciate feedback from someone with Verizon on how to fix this issue, because there is little point in having a WiFi capable device when I cannot actually use it when/where it matters.

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Re: Massive data consumption on DROID Turbo 2

My wife's phone has had the same problem for several months now.  It intermittently gets kicked off our wifi at home on most days.  She doesn't notice this and her phone chews through a ton of data.  I have a Samsung Note 4 and my phone does not have this issue.  Computers in the house also do not have a problem staying on the wi-fi either.  This is clearly a Droid issue.  Meanwhile, Verizon is making a killing off of us going over our data limit.

We have U-verse for our home internet.  I have tried different things I looked up on the internet to try and solve the problem.  I should not have to continually restart my router and phone to try and work around this.

Re: Massive data consumption on DROID Turbo 2

Have you tried turning the cellular data connection off completely instead of letting it go inactive while connected to the wifi router? There is also a option in some phones under the Advanced WiFi settings to automatically switch to the cellular data connection if there is a poor wifi signal.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.