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My RAZR battery life...?

I've had my Droid RAZR for about two weeks now, and so far i've not seen anyone else with this problem. Or at least no one's asked about it.

I've downloaded GO Launcher but it started before that so I'm pretty sure that isnt the reason, but - When i recieved my phone, it started at around 50%, not sure if thats normal or not, but it stayed there for a while. I got really excited because I had heard the RAZR had pretty good battery life, but that was just amazing. As i had kept looking, it just randomly dropped down to 40%. I got pretty confused and waited a while longer and it was still at 40% (was listening to music on it), about after another 30 mins, and it dropped down to 30%, then the same thing happend down to 20%, but instead of 10% this time it dropped to 15, and then 10, then 5. At this point I was really confused but figured out what was going on - just not why, because I had an HTC Thunderbolt (4 years) before this and not once had this happened. It then dropped from 5% to 0, then a notification came up about it being at 0% and then it shut down. So far i've gotten used to it, and it's a little weird so I'm wondering whether its just me, and if it is, is there any way to fix it? Or should i bring it to a verizon store or something....

Also last night, i was talking on the phone until it died (while it was charging in the wall...not sure if that was a good idea or not but it was necessary for what i was doing). I noticed it was at 5%, so i wasnt quite sure if it had just reached 5% or if it was lower like 1 or 2. Well right after i noticed, it died on me, so i left it in the charger and a white light came on in the notification area (where it would usually be green or red), and thought it was telling me it was just charging or something (I had never seen it before so again, a little confused). I fell asleep there and when i woke up the light was off, so i thought it had finished charging and i tried to turn it back on, but nothing happend, so i unplugged the charger and put it back in, then the white light turned on for another half-minute or so and went back off. I had looked online and from what I could tell it should have stayed on until i could turn it back on (from a completely dead battery) so i tried force resetting it (holding the volume buttons and lock) for about 30 seconds and nothing happend. I left it on the charger for about another 2 hours and when i came back i tried again for a minute this time. It turned on one i let go and everything is fine now...but im still wondering if any of this is normal.

One more thing; my phone didnt come with a USB charger - I didnt notice until i got home but the store i had bought it from wasnt my usual store, i had bought it on my way back from vacation. It came with a wall charger but i lost that so right now I'm using my Thunderbolt charger in my computer (it cant connect to my PC - only charge), and i've put something together so i can connect it to the wall too. Its a USB hub with 4 slots connected to the wall and it charges fine, but i'm also wondering if thats healthy for it or if i should buy an actual wall charger....

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Re: My RAZR battery life...?

the picture is my makeshift wall charger btw >.>

not sure if you all would believe it so i thought i would show you