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My Razr

Dear Verizon,

      So the last couple of days I've been trying to get my gsm unlocked for U.S. I've called Verizon many times and Motorola. Verizon wont unlock my phone for no reason. When I talked to Motorola they said "The Droid Razr phone is fully unlocked when it leaves the factory. Verizon is the one that locks everything on it.". My question is that Verizon never paid for MY PHONE!!!!!! i paid for there service. How can a company take MY PHONE which they dont own and control it. I want my unlock code so i can have gsm in the U.S. Like almost every phone out there it can be unlocked to be used for any carrier. This phone doesnt belong to Verizon. If Verizon wants to be a little kid about this problem sounds like a bad company to be with. Now i am forced to go through all the system files for the next 4 weeks. Ill find out what ticks in your software. This is unnecessary work i have to do to unlock my phone if Verizon would just give me a unlock code. I know that the Raztr xt910 is a gsm phone with that said droid razr xt912 is the same phone and radio but with the lte add on. Verizon just turn the radio off in the xt912. THIS IS MY PHONE AND I DONT WANT VERIZON CONTROLLING MY PHONES ANYMORE and other people should fight to have rights to there own phone. 

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Re: My Razr

if you wanted gsm, you should have bought a gsm phone

by getting a phone susidized through verizon you agree to thier terms and conditions

Re: My Razr
Sr. Member

You must not realize that this is for the most part an owner to owner forum? The very few VZW employees here have zero ability to deal with your rant issue.
Oh and, +1 to what mdram4x4 told you...

Re: My Razr

Many Verizon phones that support GSM, such as HTC Incredible 2 etc. can be unlocked.

I got my Samsung phone unlocked here:

Unfortunately the Droid Razr phone isn't one of the phones that can be unlocked.