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RAZR HD fail to reboot and overheat?

I powered off my Droid Razr HD tonight to reboot. I could not turn it back on. On top of that, it felt really warm, not enough to burn the hands, but really warm/hot. I actually laid it an an AC vent to cool it down, and it got warmer after I took it off. Was worried about fire or battery explosion. Eventually laid it out on the front porch. It's now over an hour since I turned it off, still laying out on the porch, and feels really hot. I tried online to Verizon support but of course (almost like Comcast...which I just got rid of)  all reps are busy and I'm just **** out of luck. This sounds like a fatal fault and I'm really worried about a fire. I guess I'll have to go to a Verizon outlet tomorrow after work and deal with the goons in the retail outlet. I'm stranded, and ******!!

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Re: RAZR HD fail to reboot and overheat?
Customer Support

Hi Wolf359,

Oh No! Let's cool that phone down. Have you downloaded any new applications? Did the phone get hot right after you pulled it off the charger? When your phone shuts down and does not reboot, it is a way for your phone to go in recovery mode.  To power your phone back on, just hold down the volume key along with the power button. This will turn the phone back on. Please let us know how this goes.

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