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Razr M Signal Quality Poor - Voice & Data

My Razr M is only days old.  I switched from T-Mobile because of dropped calls and weak signals around the metro Atlanta area.

This new verizon phone has a very week signal in my home, and Verizon's map show's I'm in a "green zone" on their map.  In other words,

I should have plenty of signal strength and 4G LTE service without difficulty.  The phone displays 1 to 3 bars flutuating, but usually at 1 bar.

Signal strenth fluctuates between -97db to -107.  Data rate between 1x & 3g with or without accessing my wireless router.  I called Verizon

and they asked me to call them from another phone.  I understand the troubleshooting technique, but I unless my wife is home.... you get the picture.

She has the identical phone.  I managed to compare the signal strength this morning, and they're identical.  My phone has locked up twice during recharge, but may be the charger.  I had to reboot the device to power on afterwards.  I suppose the true test of this phone will be while we're on the road this weekend.

Otherwise, the quality or clairty of the call is great.  The phone itself is light years better than the "Lg MyTouch" in quality. I hope to be a loyal Verizon customer, but not quite sure yet.  Anyone else have comments on their Razr M ?  



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Re: Razr M Signal Quality Poor - Voice & Data
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Not to ruin your upcoming trip. If there are problems now after a few days with the phone I would suggest you go back to the store (Verizon Corporate Store) and return them before you reach the 14th. day of ownership.

My wifes Motorola Droid works perfectly never had any problems with this model. I cannot say with the M but they are like phones.

If you wait till day fifteen you will be getting a so called Certified Like New Replacement (refurbished junk that had problems which may be greater than what you now have) and the issue you are writing about may still be there.

If you return your phone they will charge you a $35 restocking fee. But you could either swap it out for the same phone brand new or even try out another make and model to see if your problems are fixed or still the same.

Do this now because you will not like dealing with verizon for your repairs or lack of it. There are other nightmares when you have to send your device back. so be very careful.

Good Luck

Re: Razr M Signal Quality Poor - Voice & Data

I've had my M since December, and up until last month I had no problems with signal.  But in the past month I'm lucky to get one little gray bar at home, and two or three anywhere else.  What happened?

I specifically switched to Verizon after having checked which carriers have the best signal strength at my home address (I was perfectly happy with Sprint until I bought a new house and found they had very limited signal there, necessitating a change.)  So now after a 4-5 month honeymoon with Verizon, I'm back to rotten signal and no 3G or 4G, PLUS I'm paying a heck of a lot more. 

Re: Razr M Signal Quality Poor - Voice & Data

I've had a Razr M since February. No complaints, "knock on wood." It replaced a Droid X2 which was nothing but problems. I had 4 X2 refurbished "certified as new."

I live between Eau Claire and LaCrosse in western Wis. Verizon has 2 fairly new towers in the area. I get a good 3G and some time 4G signal a lot of places.

Sorry you're having problems. As someone else said, get it back to the store while you can still exchange it.

Re: Razr M Signal Quality Poor - Voice & Data

I have had nothing but problems with my RAZR m. Poor reception and call quality. Dropped calls. Camera is terrible compared to my wife's SSGs3. I am on my 2nd replacement and was told they will work with me on different device if this one does't work any better. Keeping my figures crossed. Oddly enough this phone works better outside the city.