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Razr M battery life - suddenly draining!

I've seen a few similar posts, and wanted to add mine to the discussion. Just within the past week, my Droid Razr M began overheating and the battery began discharging within an hour or two.

I have gone through all the steps suggested by VZW customer care folks.  I have read thru every similar post that I can find. None of my usage behavior has changed - I make calls, play a little backgammon, and use Navigation about once weekly.

The Battery usage app shows the display as chewing up the vast majority of the battery power. There are no rogue apps found. I close out/shut down every app as soon as I'm done with it - I don't leave anything running in the background if it can be turned off. I even check to see if anything's running after every call.

Bottom line: The phone suddenly began overheating, which is a symptom regularly associated with increased load and/or battery discharge and failure. Given that there have been no changes in phone workloads, I'm guessing it's a battery issue.

What does anyone else think? And is there anything that anyone has tried that works to increase battery life in this situation?

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Re: Razr M battery life - suddenly draining!

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Re: Razr M battery life - suddenly draining!
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Most likely what is happening is one of your trusted apps is causing this. Usually the culprits are Facebook and Backup Assistant even if you do not use these.

If you use Facebook, go in and clear the Facebook Cache and data (you will NOT lose anything but will need to log back into Facebook again which is simple)

If you use Backup Assistant do the same as with Facebook. If you do NOT use Backup Assistant you need to disable the following if you can:

Backup Assistant (all versions on the phone)

Newbay Service (this is the service that keep connecting you to Backup assistant, or keeps trying to connect you)