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Razr M not connecting to Bluetooth

I recently upgraded to a Razr M and my car's built-in Bluetooth isn't working as it did with old Droid 3.

With my 3, if I had the Bluetooth setting on, my car would automatically connect immediately after starting the car.  Now, with my new Razr M - I have to manually turn off and on the Bluetooth setting, sometimes multiple times for my car and the phone to connect.  Once connected, it works fine and stays connected.

What am I missing?  Is this something that is "normal"? 

Thanks in advance for any assistance.  I rely on my Bluetooth a lot - and this is really annoying!!!

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Re: Razr M not connecting to Bluetooth
Sr. Member

This is not normal operation.  Try deleting the Bluetooth connection in both your car and the phone.  Reboot the phone and reconnect Bluetooth between your phone and car.

Re: Razr M not connecting to Bluetooth
Customer Support

That is not fun and certainly not normal! Once you connect once, it should auto connect to your vehicle. Since it is connecting eventually, the Razr M is obviously compatible with the vehicle. The suggestion breezex provided is great! Have you tried to delete the connection from device and vehicle and synced again?

Thank you,

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Re: Razr M not connecting to Bluetooth

I agree that this is annoying. I have tried the live Chat and a call to Customer Service with no help. I hope that someone can answer this question.

I was on vacation July 18-28th. While on vacation I received a replacement RAZR M phone and since I have been back I have not been able to get the Bluetooth to connect automatically to my car even though the original phone did. (Same model). The software for the phone was upgraded around that same time so I suspect there is a bug. I hope someone from Motorola will look into this.

I have a 2012 Subaru Forester. I have tried re-booting the phone, holding in the power and volume at the same time. When the phone turns on it connects, but the next time I turn the car off and on it does not re-connect. It only connects manually, even though it is paired. I have set the Bluetooth to "never time out" and have unpaired the device, deleted it from the car Bluetooth and re-paired many times now.

This is very annoying...

Re: Razr M not connecting to Bluetooth
Sr. Leader

You Might Try doing a System Cache Clear followed by a Power Reset and then Try Reconnecting your Bluetooth..