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Razr Maxx not sending text messages

Ever since the latest update I'm having the same issue as many others. The green "sending" arrow never goes away and I have no clue if the message was sent or not. VERIZON WHAT IS GOING ON. WHAT IS THE FIX. and please dont tell me to wipe it clean and start over. That's NOT happening and should NOT have to. Fix your software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and send us another update that resolves this issue.

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Re: Razr Maxx not sending text messages
Customer Support

Updates are supposed to improve your phone pat_tm, so I completely understand how frustrating it can be to get the opposite.

Let's get your messaging fixed. I know texting is more important than phone calls or Internet at times. When did you get the Jelly Bean update? Are you using default text app, or third party app? If third party, please delete, restart phone, and try using default app. I know a Hard Reset isn't what you want to do so let's try some things before that option. Please clear memory, which won't delete anything off the phone: and then restart. When phone is back up, please place in Safe Mode for a few hours to see if another third party app could be causing problem. You will still be able to use phone as normal, but all background apps will be off. If works, its best to start deleting apps until you find out which one causing problems. This will prevent you from having to do Factory Data Reset. Please keep us posted.


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Re: Razr Maxx not sending text messages

I am having the same issues as the customer of the parent post. I have a Droid4. Not a happy Verizon customer at the moment. I was having trouble previously and contacted Verizon Support. I did the software update but I am STILL having the same issue. I send messages and they just randomly do not send. I have cleared out all of my conversations, and nearly all of my downloaded apps. I did not have that many and the phone should easily be able to handle the number I did have. I do not believe this is a phone issue because my phone is not the same as the other person. I do believe it is a network error. I also have signal that fluctuates extreme amounts. I will go from 3G full signal to not even 1X signal with barely any strength. All of this from the same spot in my living room.