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Razr Maxx signal issues and data problems

Hi, I am a LONG time LOYAL Verizon customer, but am at my wits end. I am  a government employee and have had nothing but bad experiences lately with my Razr Maxx. I have invested a ton of money in additional accessories (cradle charger, beats headphones, various cases, Bose sound dock, scratch protectors, etc.). I have been having so many problems with battery life, data problems, you name it I have had it. They have opened trouble tickets, replaced the phone, sim card, etc. The problems keep resurfacing and I am spending almost $400 a month in services. After several unsuccessful calls to tier II support with no resolutions, I am now contemplating porting my service to another carrier. My contracts are all up for one line, which the carrier I have in mind is willing to give me credits on my bill to offset the cost of the porting and ETF fees. Very technical savvy here, IT is what I do for a living. Have tried everything there is in the book that tech support would normally have me to do. Unless Verizon comes up with a solution in the next week, unfortunately after almost 5+ years of loyal service to them I am ready to sever the ties. DONE. So if any of you reps out there are able to pull up my account and see my info, I would hope that you would reach out and make an attempt to save a customer WHO DOES PAY HIS BILLS, BUYS ONLY FROM YOU, AND IS LOYAL. That is all I have to say. You can bet that I will be telling my co-workers of my experience and letting them know to go somewhere else if your company is so big that it doesnt take the loyal customers like myself serious and make an effort. This is a long shot, but figured I would give it one last try. Balls in your court Verizon. What are you going to do? Can you hear me NOW????

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