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Razr not connecting with Bluetooth Headset

In the last few days, my Droid Razr will not connect with my Platronics M50 Bluetooth Headset.  It tries several times to connect.  Recently the Voice Commands would not work and a blog suggested uninstalling Google Music updates which fixed it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks. 

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Re: Razr not connecting with Bluetooth Headset
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Yes, there's some sort of glitch with the latest Google Music update ... it interfers with Voice Commands.  Have you uninstalled the updates to Google Music?  Once that's done, ensure that you have automatic updates turned off , or the issue will just keep happening.

Re: Razr not connecting with Bluetooth Headset
Customer Support

Hi there SharonVermont!

How bizarre. Not only do we want you hooking up your RAZR to your bluetooth without issue, but voice commands shouldn't be giving you any issues either. So, let's get to the bottom of this.

First, were you able to uninstall Google Music updates as you described for a fix to the voice commands? I'd just like to verify. But if not, please let us know so we can plot a different course of action. Now, let's talk about device compatibility. Has anything changed over the last few days when you noticed this issue (new app, software update, etc.)? In the meantime, please disable the connection, turn off your phone, and then attempt to reconnect the devices. We hope to hear back.


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Re: Razr not connecting with Bluetooth Headset

Hello EvanO_VZW-

The issue with Google Music is also true of the Motorola Droid 4:

Phone model: Motorola Droid 4

Android version: 4.1.2

Steps to reproduce:

1. Voice Commands not working:

  • Not by select button on Bluetooth Headset
  • Not by selecting "Voice Commands" button in Apps
  • Not by selecting the microphone icon in the telephone function

2. Uninstall Google Music Update

  • Manage Apps>Google Play Music (version 5.0.1027J.680591)
  • Select "Uninstall Updates"
  • Verify two 'Are you sure?' questions
  • Google Play Music now at 4.4.811H.526848
  • Voice Commands now working in all modes (as opposed to above)
3. Sometime Google Updates Google Play Music and Voice Commands no longer work (as described above)
  • Repeat process of uninstall updates
  • disable automatic updates

Note that Google Play Music is not at version 5.0.141J and the prblem is still present.


Re: Razr not connecting with Bluetooth Headset

Hi Verizon,

When I could connect, uninstalling Google Music updates did allow the Voice Command to work again.  However, now my headset won't connect.  It pairs, but tries again and again to connect but can't.  I have turned everything off and on and repaired several time.  I have not installed any new software, but there have been many updates to existing apps.


Re: Razr not connecting with Bluetooth Headset
Sr. Leader

Sharon what you need to do is Clear out your Bluetooth Head set Go to Setting and find Bluetooth like in picture 1 Tap the Star Gear it will Take you in the setting as in picture 2 were it says  UNPAIR  tap it to unpair the Device once that is Done Clear out of the Area by hitting the Home Button once that is done Power Cycle the phone let it power up and redo the Pairing.. See if that fixes the Issue..   Good Luck b33  

BluetoothScreenshot 2.png

BlueTooth Screen shot 1.png