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Service at my house has degraded to nothing over the last year

phone: upgraded to droid razr m as this was the best at the time i started complaining about the 3gphone i had, told it was lack of 4g ability. initially the switch was good, but i've found that at this point i cannot have calls on my personal phone at home. why? there's no service from verizon. my work recently got us phones. i have a similar phone on at&t now from work that has perfect coverage. thus verizon was just screwing with me by saying it was only that. either get marlborough ma on your coverage, or when the contract is up i leave verizon, who ive had as my carrier since 1998

this is bull that ive been putting up with and its impossible to ever get anyone to do jack about looking into it, so i have no choice but to talk with my wallet and leave you if you dont fix it.

at this point its just counting down till jan 2015

fyi: i did ty the live chat, since my reception is so bad i cannot possibly call them, and i got a robot. i asked for pi out 5 places to prove they are not a robot and the response "i am not a robot"

note to you for the future, pi out 5 places is easy. humans remember it that far, so asking for 3.14159 is not hard.

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