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Spyware and OS reinstallation

Verizon reviewed a friend's phone for spyware and said it appeared clean.    We are still skeptical however.  We want to know for sure.   Couple of questions:

1.  Can Verizon find all spyware or are there some that can escape them?

2.  I've read that reinstalling your OS can overwrite any spyware.    Not sure how to do that when there are no updates available.   If someone knows how to do this, the instructions would be appreciated.

3.  Factory Reset:   I know this is the best foolproof way of getting rid of spyware, but with so much on this phone to save, it will take forever to capture everything that needs to be set up and put back on.   I've heard that backing the phone up, doing a factory reset and then reloading from the back-up would probably bring the spyware back.

Any suggestions anyone?

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Re: Spyware and OS reinstallation
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

What makes you think there's spyware on the phone? What behavior or messages do you get that make you suspicious?

Re: Spyware and OS reinstallation
Sr. Leader

That's what i'd like to Know and as of Spyware and Helping to Get rid of it there are allot of Apps in the Playstore that helps Deter Spyware And Adware) Follow this Link for this Information