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Suspended service???

I lost my phone when walking my dog in the morning. As soon as I realized this, I logged into my account at home and suspended service (8:10 am or thereabouts). In the meantime, I went to the local store to purchase a replacement in the event my phone wasn't found (which by the way is approximately a 2 hour visit). Six hours later my phone was turned in to the local police department STILL WORKING which is how they were able to call my sister to tell them they had my phone. WHAT?!?!? I said?!?! I SUSPENDED SERVICE so it couldn't be used by anyone. Because it was now found I went to the local store to turn in the new phone and reactivate my newly found old phone. I discovered that although it was in fact on and working it had been reported as lost or stolen so the process of restoring full service took many hours. The local store staff were not able to help restore my service so I went home, went back online with the "chat with us" folks - bumped up to tier 2 staff (?more helpful) and those folks just disappeared because I had never removed a SIM card before so didn't know what I was looking at/for and the person was frustrated with me because I kept putting what I thought was the SIM card in and the phone still didn't work. I returned to the local store and discovered that in the process of removing said SIM card, the actual card fell out (how would I know this having never seen one). Thankfully, the dog didn't eat it. I found the little white square on the floor. The point here is that the SUSPENSION didn't work as quickly as I would have thought....6 hours later and the phone is still on.....


Re: Suspended service???

Means you didn't suspend it or finished processing the suspension request. Suspension for lost/stolen is instant. On top of that, only tier 2 can take it off the negative list once it is reported.

Re: Suspended service???

Was your sister listed as your ICE contact on your phone? Even if it was suspended, the police might have been able to see your ICE contacts on the phone itself and then they would have called from their office. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.