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Voicemail Question

I cam to Verizon from Sprint, and with Sprint I had visual voicemail as a standard feature. The visual voicemail allowed me to see who the message was from and the date and time it was sent. I'd like to know why with Verizon voicemail, this same feature isn't available? I get a notification that I have a voicemail, but if I don't get to it right away, then I have no idea when it was sent and what time it was sent.

Additionally, I'd like to know if there is a more direct way to get to voicemail. Currently, I have to dial *86 and enter the voicemail password.

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Re: Voicemail Question
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Visual voicemail is available at an extra cost on most android devices.

iPhone users have visual voicemail through Apple.

I have read you can set up a speed dial to hit one key and it will dial it with your pass code included in the set up.

Good Luck

Re: Voicemail Question

I recently communicated with Verizon on the visual voicemail issue. I really don't understand why Verizon chooses to charge extra for this feature. The thing is, visual voicemail is just one of a LIST of features that are all part of a packaged add-on.

For example, if I get visual voicemail, I would also have the ability to store 40 messages for 40 days -- I don't really have a need to keep that many messages for that long

Callers would have the option of leaving a 5 minute message - I can't recall any instance both before coming to Verizon and after coming to Verizon that someone has left me a message longer than 2 minutes.

I had Sprint service and had a Galaxy S3 phone before I came to Sprint. Visual voicemail which showed me the important information such who called (name/number) and when they called (date/time). What was extra is if I decided I needed to have my voicemail transcribed to a text message. With Verizon and the Droid Maxx, I don't get any of this. Basically, all I get is that I have a message. I have no idea when (date/time) it was sent nor do I know who it was sent from because I don't see the name or even the number.

I'm reading that the use of visual voicemail adds to data usage. If I'm having to pay for data every month, what exactly is in it for Verizon in terms of charging $3/month for this? There are already other premium services such as VZ Navigator, high capacity cloud backup, and NFL Mobile for which Verizon can charge.

Re: Voicemail Question
Customer Support

Hello c_brookhart!

Visual Voicemail is a great feature and I use it myself. There are so many benefits of using this service over the basic voice mail. You are able to save important messages to your device or your memory card, you can see who called and what time they called, even when your phone is off. You can also leave a voice mail for someone without calling them first, and you can create up to 10 different voice mail greetings for specific contacts or groups.

Visual Voicemail does use data, but if you are connected to Wifi, you can still use the feature, and the usage would not pull from your data package. Here's a link that I'm sure you will find helpful:

Thank you!

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