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Why is the Droid turbo 2 mic not working?

I am having a simlar problem.  When people call me they report that they cannot hear me well - not static but volume seems to be the issue.  I can hear them quite clearly but they only get a very quiet volume from me.  I don't find volume settings for the mic on my phone.  I do have it encased in an otterbox  that doesn't cover the mic.  I noticed that the mic is on the back of this droid phone is there any help for this?  Will I need to use bluetooth always to get a decent mic?

Phone information

Droid turbo 2

Droid Version


configuration Version


Baseband version

M8994_1255313. KINZIE_VZW_CUST

Kernel version


hudsoncm@ilclbld94 #1

Mon Sep 21 19:19:39 CDT 2015

System version  23.31.23.kinzie_verizon.verizon.en.US

build number LCK23.130-23

Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Why is the Droid turbo 2 mic not working?

I don't have the issue.

Re: Why is the Droid turbo 2 mic not working?

I'm having the same trouble with mine. Just got it 5 days ago. Did you find a solution?

Re: Why is the Droid turbo 2 mic not working?

I have had the same problem. I went through different troubleshooting with tech support in Verizon. None of them worked. I asked for replacement and Verizon sent me  a Certified Like New cellphone. The second phone had the same issue, and none of the troubleshooting steps worked on this one either. They offered me the third one, which I received on Saturday. The third device has the same problem. They told me I need to update the software to Marshmallow, and I did on the firs and the second one with no difference as the outcome. Ironically, the third device does not update to Marshmallow. I asked tech support, and they replied me that Motorola is fixing a problem in the software and they held back the update until they have a solution. I am not sure if it is the same problem or they are addressing something else.

The worst part is Motorola does not respond rationally to customers' requests. They told me this is not a known problem while if you search on different android forum, you can find so many people have the same problem. Motorola told me they will replace my device if I accept they put $200 hold on my credit card and I pay $24.99 (nonrefundable) OR I send my device to them and they have an assessment if I damaged my cellphone (imagine I damaged Three phone with the same outcome. Who can be as precise as ME????!!!!!!). Then they will send me a new phone within 14 DAYS. Very nice Motorola!! Thank you for your policy and customer service!!!!!

I hope the new version of software take care of this problem although they are not good at estimating the release time. As they did for Marshmallow.

You have to carry a headset all the time.

I regret that I spent my money and wasted my time.

Re: Why is the Droid turbo 2 mic not working?

I have precisely the same issue with my Droid Turbo 2. Second Droid Turbo 2 with the exact same issue on the mic. They claimed turning off the advance calling feature, or turning off the ambient noise cancellation thing. This is an issue that Verizon and Motorola should have addressed before releasing the phone. And you're right there is tons of people with the same issue on another website. Is Motorola going to replace your phone with something else? I already have Motorola sending me a prepaid envelope to send my phone in for repairs. I noticed that you lied about 2 weeks ago, what is happened since then?

Re: Why is the Droid turbo 2 mic not working?

I have exactly this issue. Same voice problems. Workaround is to use my Bluetooth headset for all calls. Very not cool - problems started immediately. We need a fix for this.

Re: Why is the Droid turbo 2 mic not working?

I have this issue as well. It is very frustrating trying to talk to people on my phone in a public location when I don't have my bluetooth headset with me (because it doesn't have that issue with speaker phone). I have the Tech21 wallet case and thought that was the problem but I used it for 2 days without and experience the same issue.

People can hear me OK if I speak loudly and directly into the bottom of the phone - pretty much shouting. Used the Droid Turbo 1 for entire contract and never had severe issues like this.

I figure it is a defect in all the Turbo 2s that came out at a certain time (towards the initial release). Most likely the newer manufactured Turbo 2s don't have the problem.

Best thing to do if have this problem and want to get it fixed is to call Motorola 1-800-734-5870 (call from a different phone of course). The cell phone carriers don't handle issues like this very well and you will end up wasting a lot of time.

Re: Why is the Droid turbo 2 mic not working?

Try turning off noise cancellation, open phone app> click on three dots>settings>calls>ambient noise cancellation                        The noise cancellation is cancelling your voice