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Wifi Connection Issues

Droid Razr

Android Version:  4.1.2

BaseBand Version:  CDMA_N_05.21.00R LTEDC_U_09.1D.00

Build Number:  9.8.20-72_VZW-16-5

Occurrence: About 1 month ago, till now.


     The Razr at time refuses to acknowledge both my home and work routers.  At home, it will say authenticating, or obtaining IP address, and it will repeat a few times, then the status will just say saved.  Since my wife works from home, I do not have the luxury of unplugging the router.  All the other devices in the house have no issue connecting, even my wife's Samsung S3 mini does not have not issues connecting to the wireless router, just my Droid Razr has the issue of connecting.  It will connect, when I restart my router, however, once I leave the range and come back, it will not connect anymore.

Work has a similar issue, once it connects, it's fine, until I leave and comeback.  However, it completely loses the network.  I can scan for networks, it will find all the neighboring wifi networks, except for mine.  Even if I try to manual input the SSID, still does not find it.  All other devices do not have issues connecting, just my droid razr.  Since this is my work router, I do not have the luxury of restarting the router all the time. 

The Droid Razr has no problem connecting to the wireless printer at home, or the free wifi access from neighboring businesses.

Already hard reset phone.

Already booted in Safe Mode.

Same Issues.

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Re: Wifi Connection Issues
Customer Support


I can definitely understand the importance of being able to connect to WiFi to help manage your usage!

Does this only happen with your home and work WiFi? How often is this happening? When you run the phone in safe mode do you notice a difference when connecting to your home and work WiFi?


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Re: Wifi Connection Issues


Yes, this happens at both locations.  However at work there is an extra problem of losing the wifi network completely and will not locate even after manual scan.

This has been happening everyday for the past couple of months.

Same issues after booting into safe mode.

Re: Wifi Connection Issues
Customer Support

Thanks for the details, LordSkrolk. As a Wi-Fi user at home and office, I feel your pain! I've noticed that your build number is 9.8.20-72_VZW-16-5. I recommend confirming that there are no newer versions available to you. US. Please go to System Settings> About phone> System updates to check for any newer version for your device. If available, please install the latest version and retest your connection with Wi-Fi.

Do you connect to Wi-Fi networks in any other locations (such as restaurants, libraries, other homes)?

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