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razr maxx hd problems!

The first problem I have encountered with this phone is how quickly I go through my data. I have had the same amount (2gb) of data with every phone and have never gone or come close to going over. With this phone, I don't do anything more than on my old phones, however, I have to turn my data off when I go to bed and when I'm at work to make sure I don't go over. That's at least 16 hours a day my data is off, and I was still somehow going over my limit. (Yes, I closed all my apps when finished and even have an app killer downloaded) I have recently started to use my wifi at home which has helped me from going over. For over a week now my apps have not been opening or just suddenly crashing. Even when I'm on the internet reading something it just crashes. I have tried to delete the app and then re download it and nothing has changed. Now most recently, my phone is just slow in general and not sending picture messages or group messages. I have both my wifi and data on and when I turned my wifi off, the messages sent. I should not have to turn wifi off every time I want to send a picture or a group message. I checked and there is no system update. I have had this phone for about a year and am thinking about going in and getting an iPhone. Suggestions?

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Re: razr maxx hd problems!
Customer Support

I understand your concerns regarding your phone's performance noefed! Let's go over some options to resolve the issues outlined in your post. I don't want you to go over your WiFi allotment, please enable WiFi always (not only when at home) and connect to open networks when available. Additionally, go to Play Store, tap settings and unsure that your application are set to update only when connected to WiFi. I used to go over my 2GB allotment quickly and the above techniques now keep me well below 2GB each month, give it a try. Sending MMS messages (picture) require cellular network connection and this explains the behaviour while connected to WiFi. The app crashing and slowness is commonly associated to a third party app conflict, please run and test in Safe Mode to confirm such conflict.

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Re: razr maxx hd problems!
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

As suggested, use wifi whenever it's available, and set apps to update only over wifi.  Set your apps that sync to do so only over wifi, and take advantaqe of wifi as often as you can.

Turn off or uninstall the app killer - that's more than likely the reason your apps are crashing.  App killers tend to create more problems than they solve, and using available wifi with optimized settings should get your data under control.

Re: razr maxx hd problems!
Sr. Leader

As noted app killers are the worst to have on any Device Long time ago they may have been ok to use once in a while but as the newer OS's came out there use wasn't needed any longer as As the android system can take care of it self and manage the apps better..