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simple question about RAZR HD MAXX replacement

Hi there all,

So i dropped my Razr hd maxx in the toilet a week ago from today. Although gross, I quickly reached and grabbed it out. First the screen didn't work but after rice overnight it did begin to work again and I was ecstatic. After this passed week I have begun to notice the battery drain on the device most likely due to corrosion from what ive read online. I luckily have insurance so I'm looking to get a new device and maybe even a new battery. Does anyone know if they can replace the actual phone in a store or does it have to be sent to motorola? Same question with the battery as well. Any help would be appreciated


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Re: simple question about RAZR HD MAXX replacement

You probably shouldn't tried to use right away after the dunking and put it immediately in the rice. It also might have needed longer than just overnight in the rice. Others have suggested 24 hours minimum or longer.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: simple question about RAZR HD MAXX replacement
Sr. Member

To answer your question, you need to contact the insurance company (probably Asurion) and submit a claim.  They will send you a replacement device (Refurb) and then you send your damaged unit back to them. 

They will not be able to replace or repair at the Verizon store as they do not handle insurance claims (neither does Motorola for that matter).

For more info just go to

Good luck