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I’m a new customer,  I recently moved to a new apartment with my roommates. I left Spectrum very quickly because of horrible customer service, and horrible service during a course of a week.I thought Verizon would be different. Like I stated I recently moved and now have two jobs. I’m getting into my financial health and doing things way more organized than how I used to.So money was  moved around and in attempt to get AutoPay terminated, so I can pay my  utilities bills all around the same time the application refused to allow me to get to the option I was either redirected or left on spinning cycle of refreshing the page. I then attempted to call and that also did not work while on the phone with a live agent. The agent themselves was going through the same issue. OK so I took the loss and let a check bounce due to insufficient funds until I could have the autopay issue resolved. I tried again and it didn’t work.  Mind you the bill was paid shortly after. It bounced because I moved the money into a different account because I did not want autopay to take it . Since I could not rectify the issue with the app or the agent.In the process I was placed on a restriction and not allowed to upgrade to an Apple SmartWatch. I contacted Financial Services to have restriction lifted as the issue was not my fault and should not cause such an issue with upgrading .  I was the. told of another issue that happened in December which was in fact the issue for the restrictions not the one I thought . I explained that I was just moving into my apartment at this time and arranging payments with roommates was hard since I was the only paying the internet account. We all got into a good rhythm with paying bills as a unit. A quick learning curve since we all have different jobs with different pay days . I had recently started working a new job at that time as well. so a simple mistake caused there to be insufficient funds. Also this was literally around the time I started services with Verizon. dealing with the installation issue the technician had but that’s a different story. Either way I’m very new customer.Mind you! The bill at that time was paid shortly after. Not months , not weeks, a few days after. I understand you have policies and  rules but I’m a new customer, and I have paid my bill. Two mishaps and i have six months restriction to make this upgrade purchase with the option I want.
Verizon be a good service provider and lift this restriction and update your app so issues with AutoPay , issues with live agents don’t cause the customer harm because you’re webpage or app is not working to its fullest. Also be a little more wavering with customers that pay their bills. I haven’t showed you any reason to assume I’m a non-paying customer. Please lift the restrictions.

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