Account in collections issue

My name is Steven. I have had a Verizon customer since 2010. My experience had been positive until recently. Last July my fiancé and I decided to combine accounts. My phone number, devices, and all associated balances were transferred to her account and my old account was closed. Now in February of 2023 when starting the home buying process when the lender pulled my credit there was a collections account from Verizon. Claiming an outstanding balance from my old account. I never recieved any information, mail, phone, bill regarding this at my address or on my current account. I have spent around 8 hours on the phone with Verizon with many different departments. None of them seeming to understand my issue or how to resolve it. All of them inevitably transferring me to a third party debt collection agency. Please someone get back to me with a way to resolve this that doesn’t destroy my credit and prevent me and my family from buying a home. I guess I’m looking for contact info higher up the food chain that could possibly help me
Thank you

Re: Account in collections issue
Customer Service Rep

We are so sad to learn of your situation and experience, Steven. We certainly want this to be resolved for you. Please contact our Recovery Team at 800-852-1922, only they can assist since your account was sent to collections.