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On August 7th, my friend’s bank account was charged for a balance on my Verizon account. My friend was the previous account owner until she left Verizon about a YEAR ago and removed all of her information. She removed the autopay from the account as well as her bank account information. I immediately called Verizon upon hearing this. The customer service representative told me that the autopay shouldn’t have been on and referred me to financial services.  The financial services representative helped me with getting a payment investigation started and told me that I would get a refund. He also told me that he would turn off the autopay for the account which should have NOT been on to begin with. I called again today for an update and was told the money would be refunded on the 21st. They told me there was a hold on the payment until the 21st which is absurd because the money is NOT mine and my friend’s account is currently in the negatives. The representative also told me today that the autopay was STILL on so I asked her to turn it off  after being told earlier this week that it had been turned off !!!! She also told me that the balance had been re-added to my account. If they can add the balance back then they can refund the money as well!!! I never authorized Verizon to use autopay nor did I receive a notification about a payment being processed. My friend’s bank account is currently in the negatives because of this unauthorized payment and will be unable to pay her rent or buy food because of it ! I would rather Verizon disconnect my service right now and return the money ASAP. I truly CANNOT wait until the 21st for the refund. I am deeply frustrated at this situation and have resorted to asking for help on this forum because it seems I can’t get any help elsewhere. Any help to resolve this situation would be greatly appreciated !!!!

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We always want to make it easy to manage your account and payment preferences, oatmlk. We're truly sorry to learn of your situation, and while it sounds like a payment investigation was already completed and processed, we'd be happy to take a look at your account and provide an update. Please be on the lookout for a Private Note, for further assistance.