Hello.  Years ago, I had service with Verizon, but unfortunately lost my job.  Due to that, I was unable to make payments, and it went to collections.  This being the case, would I be unable to have service with Verizon again in the future? Thank you.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, RJS82, thanks for reaching out in reference to activating new service. I'm sorry to hear about what happened previously and we would certainly love to have you back with Verizon service. When starting a new account, we will run a credit check and let you know what offers are available as far as being able to purchase phones etc under the device payment program. If it would help to work directly with an agent, we can help in one of our stores, via chat, or over the phone. A member of our Sales team can be reached at 800-256-4646 or you may chat using the window on the page here: so we can help get you started.