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Hello all,


I have been a Verizon customer since May 11. My first order was for an iPhone 14 under an installment contract for 36 months and added a second line for a Samsung computer. A down payment was not required for these two lines. On May 26, I attempted to add a third-line: Another iPhone 14. I placed my order at 4:45 and by 5:05, my order was under review. I received an email stating that my order was pending and that I needed to take action by May 30th.


I called Verizon's Fraud Prevention team and was instructed to visit a Verizon Corporate store with my ID to verify my identity and the accuracy of the order. In the middle of my call to Verizon Fraud Prevention, the service on my main line was temporarily suspended. At 5:38, my new order was canceled. The cancellation email states that "we weren't able to validate the order above with the information you've provided." I visited a corporate store with my ID and was able to verify my identity through uploading my documentation online. The next email I received stated that my "status is pending."


On May 30, my order was properly canceled and my payment was refunded to me because I was unable to get the issue resolved. My existing line (the first iPhone 14 purchased) has been on SOS only for three days and I called the main customer service line to remove it and I was informed that my service was disconnected due to suspicious activity. I called Verizon’s Fraud Prevention department and I was told that my application for post-paid service was declined. 


I am unsure of what my next steps should be as I am unable to gain access to MyVerizon and I do not have a bill due until mid-June. (I am unsure if I will owe the total $899.99 for the iPhone 14 plus the $399.99 for the computer). 

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The last thing we want is for you to continue having issues with your account. We'd be happy to help you figure out what's going on and provide some clarity. We'll send you a Private Note shortly.