How do I go about escalating a grievance with the financial services department?
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I have been with Verizon as a wireless customer for 19 years total and 8 years on my current account. Recently, after experiencing being displaced from my job, I fell behind on my bill. I pay on my bill as best as I can. I’ve made payment arrangements and promise to pay agreements as needed to secure service. Now, my last payment was in January. A promise to pay to cover the past due balance was scheduled for today, January 11, 2023 . However, there was a medical  emergency on February 3, 2023 altering my finances to honor that arrangement.

Friday, February 10, 2023, I was finally well enough to contact financial service. I explained my account concern with a representative who identified as AJ. I was told the best thing to do would be to wait until the payment was unsuccessful and call back on Saturday, Feb. 11 and speak with someone to receive accommodations. I inquired further on what those accommodations would be. I was told a grace period. I asked what kind and how long of a grace period and was told it would depend on various factors. I escalated the call to a supervisor in financial service in order to gain more clarity on what kind of grace period I would be given under the circumstances. I was transferred to a supervisor who identified as Amah. The previous agent explained my situation to the supervisor before transferring my call. I was then told by the supervisor the grace period would only be until Monday, February 13, 3023. After going into further details without any other accommodations offered I asked to be transferred to escalation. I was connected with an agent who identified as Irvine. I described in detail the conversation with the previous two agents in financial services. He then took time to research and investigate the matter further. I was informed that there was a promo that would have reduced my account 25%-50% if it were under 90 days past due. Much to my dismay, I was never offered such at the time my account qualified. He continued to advocate on my behalf with both a supervisor in financial services and his own department supervisor, but to no avail in both instances. He even called back on today Saturday, February 11, to convey any information learned doing more research and advocating to better assist my situation. Yet, no further accommodations are available.

It is very upsetting that despite being a loyal customer with 8 years on current account, spending over $120 monthly =over $1440 each year = over $11,520 for one line of service, not even including a bill with a charge over $900 for international phone usage when I was told by an agent that my account would not incur a cost for the service as long as I utilized wifi when traveling international, which clearly was not the case. Despite well over $13,000 paid in 8 years all Verizon sees is the $349.94 past due balance nearing 120 days.

On, February 15, my account will be 120 days past due. Verizon no longer has a retention department to address customer needs in times of dire financial hardship. That department was extremely helpful in assisting customers retain service through reasonable payment arrangement accommodations despite length of time past due. Years ago, when the department closed, I was told financial services, which existed already, replaced it and offered the same accommodations. However, as someone who has been with Verizon a great length of time, I know that nothing can be further than the truth in their willingness to successfully assist customers retain service as well as the retention department was.  How do I go about escalating a grievance with the financial services department? 
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