I have received the collection notice after I returned router and close account.

I have returned router and close my account in Aug 2022,  the Verizon agent said I donot need to pay anything by that time. And after I received one bill in Sept, I asked the Verizon online chat agent again, I still received the message said I donnot need to pay the bill since I already close my account and donot need to worry it. So I leave it alone. But I received the collection notice in Dec said I have a late pay. So I pay it, but it still affect my credit score a lot. 

Does anyone have similar situation? Is not my fault not paying the bill. Is the agent from Verizon give me wrong message. Can I dispute it from the credit report? 

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Zimmg!

Thanks for bringing your issue to my attention!

Of course, you can dispute it you only need to contact the agency collection with your check when you did the first payment!