Unable to access old postpaid account
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I recently switched from a family plan (postpaid) to my prepaid account. My card keeps getting charged for the old account for numbers I no longer own. I have lost access to my old account and Verizon doesn't even share the old bill or the old device trade-in agreements that were linked to me directly.

They ask me to access this info using a  deactivated login mechanism which doesn't accept my credentials or allow me to reset it (https://secure.verizon.com/accessmanager/public/c/fu/validateDisconnectedAccount) . I have contacted customer care multiple times and it always links me to a Chat agent who is unable to resolve my concerns. Is there a better way to resolve this issue??

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nupurbaghel, thank you so much for reaching out regarding your previous postpaid account. We can help you and ensure the account is properly closed. I have sent you a Private Note. Please go there to proceed with assistance.