Verizon just Ruined my credit score
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Its sad to wake up in this unprecedented times and see your credit score that you have worked so hard to maintain drop with almost 100 points.

I had account with Verizon and I paid my bills frequently until their price went up, I try to negotiate a better price with them but it didn’t work out then I switched.

This was in November 24th 2022, I didn’t get my final bill until December, I made the payment January 15th 2023 and I noticed on my credit report that Verizon reported my account to collections which appeared on my credit report on the January 25th 2023.

According to the representative I spoke with after making several calls to them, one finally broke it down saying my account was reported to collections Jan 9th and was written off Jan 23rd,  even after I made my payment Jan 15th and still they posted it on my credit report and caused a huge damage to it. 

This doesn’t make sense at all, how can Verizon be that cruel to customers after being loyal to them for several years, paid every bill till date and the reward I get is  damage to my credit score. 

Verizon representative said they can’t do anything about it, which means it will have to be on my credit report for 7 years.

This totally unacceptable, they need to rectify this error of theirs, and due to the conversation I had last with a representative who was unprofessional and rude to me, I will file complaints with the BBB, the Massachusetts AG office, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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@Doncheda1 ,

We're sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble, but thank you for those details you shared. A disconnected account with an unpaid balance after the due date is eligible for collections, which is what the internal term "written off" is referring to - we no longer have access to the account at that point, so any further questions or payments should be handled through the collection agency. As for disputing this on your credit report, please do not contact customer service or a store, as they cannot assist you with that. Instead, you should contact us at 800.852.1922 (Mon-Fri 7am-7pm CT). That is a specialized team that assists in these instances. 


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I had a similar experience with Verizon when they opened two accounts in my name by mistake and I found this out through the collection agency without getting any bills from the other account. I set my account in autopay and was never informed of the balance of this other account. I’ve spent several days trying to rectify the mistake in their part. I’ve opened up multiple cases and was told this would be resolved only to find out through my credit monitoring account that it went into collections and was reported to the credit agencies as a derogatory unpaid debt.

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