Verizon ruined credit score and refused to delete

I was a Verizon customer for over 10 years. Never missed a payment and never asked for a payment extension. I moved to a new address and had no service with Verizon. My friends had att with full service at my address. So I switch from Verizon to ATT. I called Verizon 30 days after I switch to ATT to see if there was any outstanding or last bill I needed to pay and was told NO and my account was closed back in august of 2022. I received no other notification from Verizon from that point to my email or mailing address. 
Now as I am in the process of buying a new house my credit score is flagged it dropped 100 points bc Verizon sent a bill to collections! I called and was told it was a final bill that can take 60 days to come through. I was never notified and Verizon ruined my credit score for this and my chances of purchasing this home.  I asked why they didn’t call and was told since I was paperless they only send an emaiI (which does not exist that I could find) . Ipaid the collections immediately but they refuse to remove it from my credit score. This seems to punish anyone who leaves their company. I hoped one day to switch back but I never will and reported to the better business bureau. I know they are a big company and chances are slim but I warn anyone who leaves make sure you call frequently to make sure the account is closed otherwise they will destroy your credit

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Customer Service Rep

Have you contacted the collections' agency?