15 days after a 12 hour outage we are close to 24 hours with this one.
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When trying to report the outage online after reading on the Verizon website:

To create a new repair request, simply select the link below to begin troubleshooting. If the Verizon Troubleshooter cannot resolve your issue, you will be given an opportunity to create a repair ticket or contact our technical support team. who work to resolve the trouble with your service.


And when you do select "No Dial Tone" you get this cheery little message.


We have encountered an error. Don't worry, it's our fault.
Please either try again, or review other support topics that can help you resolve your problem.
"Don't worry it's our fault"!!!!  Are you friggin kidding?  After 24 hours of no phone service I'm not worried, why would I be, Verizon thinks its a big joke. 
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