2 faulty telephone jacks
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Quick question for anyone here. First, a bit of background. A few years ago, we have a branch come down on our phone and electric wires causing a power surge. Ever since then, We have had problems with our internet and phone line. I have determined though that it seems to be 2 phone jacks in our house that were affected. These were 2 jacks that were in use at the time with modems and a phone. Could a power surge causes these phone jacks to be having issues? These 2 jakcs are also located on the same side of the house where the tree fell onto the lines. The symptoms are the jacks loose phone capabilities. I know it is not the line itself because the phone plugged into the wall still works and I have tested all other jakcs in the house and no issues. Also, I have a dsl filter in connected to the phone and no static or anything. Thanks.