23 days without land line service nor DSL
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My phone service went out when Irene hit the Maryland area. I've called Verizon on multiple occassions before someone finally listened to the complaint that all the neighbors on the same side of the street as well as others directly behind me had no service. After call # 6, I was finally told that a crew had been dispatched to replace the entire cable servicing all the homes. That was 5 days ago. I just tried to get yet another status as the website is absolutely useless and all I got was a busy signal. If this is the way you treat your customers with a landline, I have not intention of purchasing a FIOS plan when & if it ever comes to Baltimore City.

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Verizon doesn't care about landline customers. 

I'm also in MD and there's a phone line on the ground in my horse pasture that has been there since Irene.  I have half the pasture closed and the horses are walking on and tripping over the line in the other field.  Customer service promises to come out to fix it within 3-5 days and no one ever shows.  When called again, they contacted dispatch who told them they couldn't come fix it until they'd restored service to everyone.  How can they still be restoring service after 4 weeks???  The really stupid thing is that they came out to restore my neighbors service and must have spliced in new line to make it reach his house.  All they had to do was pull the line off the ground!

So the question is, if you call and say you want FIOS installed, how long until they show up?  My guess is that takes priority over fixing existing customers' landlines.

If I could cancel all my service with Verizon, I would.  But we have no other choices for internet.