So much for "customer satisfaction"Smiley Mad

After arriving back home after our vacation I found our phone had no dial tone.  Wow, the krap you have to go through to report an outage.  That computer aided (no live person) repair order taker is awkward and frustrating.  After going through all the hoops I was treated to, of all things, a COMMERCIAL!!!!   I wanted to report an outage, not listen to a stupid commercial!  After 5 minutes of the supposed efficient data gathering the trouble ticket was apparently successfully completed but I was notified that the anticipated repair time would be up to 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!.  Had I had the opportunity to PRESS 99 for a person, the report could have been constructed in less than 2 minuets.


I was FINALLY able to call a person at Verizon and asked to speak to a {please keep your posts courteous}.  I asked why the excessive 5 days for the repair time?  She indicated that there could be an unusual amount of problems and that is the reason for the 5 day estimate.  I asked how many trouble tickets there are for the Indian Head area, she said she did not know.  I asked how then was the 5 day estimate selected if there was no way to determine how many troubles were being addressed in the Indian Head area?  She said it was simply an estimate. 

As of today, Monday November 2 the status of my repair order indicates that the ticket was awaiting assignment to a technician.  {please keep it relevant}


This situation is totally unacceptable.  I bet Verizon would not accept me ESTIMATING when I will send in my bill payment!  Its bad enough a customer is unable to access a live person when calling in a repair order, but then having to wait 5 days for a technician to be dispatched is total apathy on the part of Verizon. 

I would like for Verizon to explain why I should not seek another phone service.  Perhaps they simply like to hide behind a computer {please keep it relevant}