5 to 7 robocalls each day from different numbers but same scam

I get about 5 to 7 calles every day from something called "Senior Services" or "Medic Alert" or similar.  This has been going on for about a week now.  No two phone numbers are the same, and searching with Google on some of them showed some aren't even valid (how did the website know? I assume invalid area code/exchange combination). 

Examples are Senior Life {edited for privacy}, Med Alert Co {edited for privacy}, Senior Alert {edited for privacy}, and Dynamic Alert {edited for privacy}

Every one has the same recorded message, that I "won" a free medic alert device yada yada yada.  A web search shows this is a scam common the last few months. 

It is a bit of a pain to delete all the messages left by this robocaller, and I fear accidentally missing a real message from someone as a result.

I have my number on the do-not-call list and have reported a few of the instances to FCC, for what it's worth.  It does no good to block the numbers as they are never used more than once.

Have we reached a point where phone calls coming from networks which Verizon can't verify the caller with certainty have to go through a voice "captcha" to connect?

Re: 5 to 7 robocalls each day from different numbers but same scam
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First...all the phone numbers you entered have been automatically edited out by the forum software as a privacy protection policy so the best of idea--particularly as these are not personal phone numbers--is to run all the numbers together and then the forum software doesn't see it as a phone number and doesn't edit it out.

Unfortunately, as a new user you can't go and edit your original post--you have to post 5-6 times to be able to edit one of your own posts--to put the phone numbers run together back in but also, since I'm replying to your post, the forum software won't let you edit your original post even if you could.

Welcome to the land of Alice...'-}}

So...post a reply and in it run each phone number together if you'd like to show others these slimey phone numbers...

I've also received those same robocalls and they are really annoying--how totally stupid do these people think we are? Verizon Digital Voice does offer the option of blocking phone numbers however, it's limited to 10 numbers and you can't, for example, specify an entire area code or an area code-exchange combo. Some people have recommended getting a call blocker although they are a bit pricey at just under $100. It may depend on how aggravated you are as to whether you want to spend that kind of money but if you do, here's a link to a call blocker that has decent reviews: