I have had ADSL service throug Verizon for years.  A little over a year ago, I lost both my ADSL and telephone service.  I went out to the NIT and plugged a telephone into the jack to see if I had a dial tone.  No dial tone so I called for service.  The technician said my NIT, over 20 years old, needed to be replaced.  He replaced it and put an ADSL splitter in the NIT. (yea, no more dongles throught the hose.)

Yesterday, we lost power and telephone at the same time so I took another trip to the NIT but could find no way to un-plug my side from Verizon's side like I did on the old NIT.  After Dominion Virginia Power got the power back on I had telephone and ADSL service again.  Verizon  must have lost power to one of its repeaters or whatever somewhere along the line.

The question remains, however, how may I determine whether a service problem is on my side of the NIT or yours with no way that I can find to test it.

Thank you.

Re: A New NIT
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By any chance could you find or post a picture of your current NID for us? The newer, plastic boxes do have test jacks inside of them which, when used will disconnect your house so that you can isolate the issue to a problem in your home or an issue with Verizon's end of the network. Everything is just covered up by Plastic Doors, but they are not too hard to get to or hidden in any way, shape or form.

If your phone service is going out and the trunk was not damaged or anything else en-route back to a functioning CO, it may be possible you're coming off of a remote with a failed battery backup system. They do fail and knowing that, Verizon should fix it as soon as possible. It is understandable for DSL to go down as it is not a lifeline service as a landline is. Now unless the CO itself lost power which I would find hard to imagine since they are often driven by diesel generators with days of fuel or if large enough, turbines and also have UPSs inside of them to at least keep things online in brief outages.